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    Maria Rivington
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Learn how to improve your vocal confidence, technical skills, resolve voice problems and develop your personal style. In a relaxed environment, Maria Rivington (MMus, BA Hons) – a fully qualified and experienced cross-genre Voice Coach/Singing Teacher  - will help you develop your vocal abilities organically and grow musically, making sure you realise the full potential of your voice and your performance skills.                                                                        

All Singers - experienced professionals or recent starters - benefit from working on their vocal skills and keeping their voices in good vocal health and stamina. For 20+ years, using Accent, Estill and Bel Canto-influenced methods, Maria (MMus) have been working with professional and just-for-fun classical soloists and choristers, UK and International chart acts, singer/songwriters, West End performers, actors, R'nB, Gospel and jazz singers.

Some of the common key elements covered are:

  • Breathing & Support - learn to manage your breathing when you sing, using abdominal muscles, diaphragm and airflow correctly for best vocal onset
  • Quality of Tone, Placing & Projection - minimise tension & develop a natural, rich vocal quality maximising natural resonance and reaching "the back of the room"
  • Range Development - sing top/bottom notes comfortably. Maintain and expand your vocal range, agility and explore new possibilities 
  • Vocal Problems - address voice-loss, hoarseness, nodules, fatigue and learn to manage & prevent voice problems from developing.
  • Harmonising - learn to blend effectively with other voices in choirs, BVs for bands, sessions and close harmony groups 

Sessions also include:

  • Repertoire Selection - with a wide knowledge of Opera, Art Song, Choral music, Musical Theatre, Pop/Jazz/Gospel/Rn'B, Rock/Country & Folk, I can guide you to the songs that your voice and personal taste is most suited to.
  • Phrasing, Interpretation & Personal Style -  equally familiar with classical techniques, belting & mixing for Musical Theatre and CCM/Popular Music, I will help you make each song "your own" and in keeping with each genre's particular style.
  • Performance Skills - address & overcome stage fright, build audience communication, work on posture/body language and microphone technique.
  • Audition & Exam Preparation - prepare repertoire and performance successfully for the West End, choral auditions, music college, ABRSM/Trinity grades & Diplomas
  • Musicianship - become musically confident by understanding music theory e.g. chord structures and notated music, learn sight-reading etc.


After an initial assessment lesson where I listen to your voice to establish a technical development path, we discuss your aims and concerns and set goals together. Subsequent sessions are a mix of vocal exercises - specifically tailored to your technical development needs and learninga are then applied when we work on songs. The song selection will depend on the singer's preference of style but the aim is always to improve the quality of the voice and delivery

If you are also looking to develop your musicianship and especially if you are preparing for a grade or diploma, your lesson will also include an element of music theory.

Generally, working with songs also involves understanding all elements of it; a character's motivations and intentions in an aria or musical theatre piece, the origin or context of a piece and it's creator and the emotion you want to convey. We will also ensure words in other languages are correctly pronounced and texts are completely understood - this understanding combined with increased technical ability will make your singing truly impactful and so much more enjoyable for you.

If you are already performing or auditioning for work, you may want to focus mainly on the performance side of your songs alone - you are more than welcome to. 


Vocal difficulties e.g. hoarseness, vocal fatigue, difficulty with tone control and pitch, range diminishing etc. either from trauma and over-use, unsound vocal technique or from bad habits developing gradally over time, can cause a great deal of concern.

The ageing process of the voice can also cause confidence issues. As a member of BVA (British Voice Association) I have a good understanding of how Speech & Language Therapists work, and can diagnose and judge the cause and extent of your problems. 

Following an assessment, I can suggest a number of exercises suited to your individual issues and will advise you on preventative measures putting you on the path to vocal recovery and improvement. I can also refer you to other specialists if necessary.


In Person Sessions: £50 per 60 minutes Tuesday - Friday 9am - 6pm & Saturday 10am - 3pm

Virtual Sessions: £45 per 60 minutes Tuesday - Friday 9am - 6pm & Saturday 10am - 3pm


In-Person sessions are held 10 minutes from Forest Hill Station, served by London Overground from Canada Water (Jubilee interchange), Whitechapel (Circle & District & Elizabth Line) and direct BR services from London Bridge. Journey time from Canada Water & Lond Bridge is approximatly 15 minutes.

Call 07905 618184 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss and book an appointment.


  • I would highly recommend working with Maria to anyone looking to improve their musical skills and confidence levels. It has been of huge benefit for me.
    - Dan Raza - www.danraza.com
  • Maria has a tremendous effect on me personally and professionaly; enabling a sense of strength clarity & freedom in my voice I've never achived before.
    - Holiday Sidewinder, Singer & Songwriter - www.holidaysidewinder.com
  • Maria is a great teacher full of positive energy. As a professional busker I used to lose my voice often but I haven't lost it once since I started lessons with her. She has also helpt me gain confidence to achieve things with my voice I never thought I could! She has a really broad and thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the voice which has enabled me to cross between classical and pop music when I work. Highly recommended
    - Kirsten McClure - twitter.com/orpheusca
  • I loved every session with you, my voice really got stronger! Thank you''
    - Iman - Imanmusic facebook / imanmusicuk twitter
  • Maria is magic. Through her gudiance, teaching and unique intuition, the quality and stamina of my voice have improved enormously. I have had singing teachers before, but Maria is not just a teacher. What she offers is so much more and the freedom that I have now achieved within my vocal range is something that I will always be truly grateful to her for.
    - Ruby Jack, singer & Songwriter - www.facebook.com/rubyjack
  • Maria's Vocal M.O.T.s add great value to our courses and we're always happy to have her with us.
    - Mandy Morrison, Course Manager, Farncombe Estate, Cotswolds
  • Thank you for preparing me so well for my audition for the re-casting of the Lion King. I felt totally confident.”
    - Lauren, Walthamstow
  • I have been having singing lessons with Maria Rivington for nearly 3 years. I approached Maria to give me singing lessons after attending a choral course in which she offered a Vocal MOT. Although I had been singing for most of my life I had never had lessons and had reached a stage where I felt I had issues with my voice that I wanted to address. The lessons have been exceedingly helpful. In working with Maria I have learnt vital vocal techniques that have enabled me to sing with confidence and find a new voice that I enjoy using in a variety of repetoire. Maria has always been encouraging and I very much feel our lessons are a partnership. I am delighted to recommend her -Sarah, Highgate
  • I have been a client of Maria's for over five years. Following a lengthy spell of ill health and suffering with asthma I needed help correcting all the bad habits I had pickedup. Maria's experience and positive, encouraging professional manner has helped me immensely - I now enjoy singing pieces I could only dream of before. -Marie, Croydon
  • Maria's kind, warm and intelligent approach gets the very best out of her students. She is well-informed and open-minded. She combines her own extensive education and training as a performer which allows her to find the best way of interacting with each student as an individual. This is key to her success as a coach. Her expectations are high but never unrealistic. I always leave a session with a feeling of achievement and I often find myself recommending her services to other people. -Lucy, Brockley
  • I took singing lessons with Maria, because I noticed that suddenly my voice started to get tired and I realised that I needed to work on my technique. Maria identified in the first lesson exactly what I was doing wrong and did precisely the right exercises to correct the issues. She has turned my singing technique around completely. Maria has a keen eye and ear and understands her students. She excellent at demonstrating what to do (or not do). I would highly recommend her to anyone. -Kerstin, Ealing
  • Maria takes a highly professional approach in helping me to develop my singing voice. She is focussed on what I want to work on and take away from the sessions. She helps me to work toward achieving my goals, gives helpful appraisals, empowers and acknowledges achievements. A thoroughly enjoyable experience, which has led to satisfying improvements. -Sally, Hackney


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    A classically trained singer and vocal teacher - BMus (performance) & MMus – Maria's teaching is influenced by the Bel Canto-, Accent- and Estill methods, practiced by established vocal teachers and singers throughout the world of classical singing, musical theatre, and popular music.

    She is a frequently hired classical & session singer, West End- and choral voice coach and has worked with TV Gospel talent show Time2Shine. Maria regularly teaches students at Goldsmiths University's BA and MA courses, at Benslow Music, in choral- and Master Class workshops on Art Song, Opera and Musical Theatre and is a sought-after West End and Music College auditions coach. She is a member of the British Voice Association and AOTOS - Association Of Teachers Of Singing.

    Many of her students can be heard on stages and concert halls around the UK and or are studying at e.g. Goldsmiths University, The Royal Northen College of Music, URDANG, Millennium College, RADA and Central or sing in prestigious choirs like Philharmonia Choir, Royal Choral Society, Thomas Tallis Society, London City Choir, The English Baroque Choir, The London Nordic Choir etc.


    VOCAL M.O.T.          The 30-minute Vocal Health Check for Choristers

    Developed with with Jeremy Jackman (of King's Singers fame), the Vocal M.O.T. is designed to enable choristers to have an individual, 1-2-1 singing lesson with a professional vocal coach whilst the choir prepares for the next concert. These 30-minute vocal health checks can take place during an evening rehearsal, a workshop weekend away, Singing Days, or on a choral course - all that's needed is a keyboard and a separate room.

    Singers and conductors are often aware of the need for attention to vocal technique, but most busy concert schedules won't allow it. The format of the Vocal M.O.T. gets around these constraints, supports and develops the individual singer and improves the overall sound of the choir.

    For several years Maria has been joining courses, rehearsals and workshops around the UK, most notably at Benslow Music and Farncombe Estate with Jeremy Jackman and Andrew Parnell (Musical Director of Ely Cathedral) among others.

    Even the most experienced chorister will over time want to ensure their vocal technique and voice production is healthy. The Vocal M.O.T. sessions will address any individual concerns the singer may have as well as giving general advise, hints & tips of how to maintain the voice and develop it further. Individual notes and a booklet of technical advise is emailed to each singer afterwards.

    Each session covers:

    • thorough examination of voice and performance

    • guidance on placing, projection, support & breathing

    • advise on vocal problems e.g. vocal fatigue, loss of range and quality of tone 

    COST & HOW TO BOOK: The Vocal M.O.T. sessions start at £20 per person. Please contact Maria directly on 07905 618184 or email on bookings@rivingtonvoice.com



    Several times a year, Maria also offers her ambitious amateur pupils the opportunity to perform to each other with professional accompaniment in a central London venue. These are much appreciated events where everyone can learn from hearing what other singers are working on technically as well as musically - most singers return every time!


    Fredrik & I
    'Comparing notes', Master Class 2013, St. John’s Wood Church
    Master Class 2016
    Master Class 2016, Christ Church, Kensington
    Vocal SOS Gospel
    Vocal SOS Gospel workshop 2014, RADA, London
    Masterclass July 17
    'Master Class 2017, The Ulrika Eleonora (Swedish) Church, Marylebone, London

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